2019 Awards Entries Closed

Bayside Fire Station


Owen Architecture


Kurt Fern


Boral Roofing

Products Used:

Shingle/Sydney Red

Building Contractor:

The Proper Building Company

Photography Credits:

This heritage listed building housed the Wynnum Fire Station service from 1938 until 2004. It is one of several landmark buildings of heritage significance on Mountjoy Terrace - including a Masonic Temple and Ambulance headquarters.

Our clients have four young children and were looking for ways to provide covered vertical circulation without compromising the buildings character.

The design is to make the simple maneuver of internalizing the rear facade of the building, thereby preserving its scale and detail as much as possible. The original building was designed to separate the upper and lower levels - work downstairs and living upstairs. The new addition enables the upper and lower levels to operate together.

The new addition is deliberately singular and simple to enable recognition between the heritage building and the new work. The new roof aims to preserve the symmetric and civic scale of the original building ... particularly when viewed from the back yard. The new intervention to this heritage building aims to connect family life with both the preserved rear facade and the civic scaled rear landscape.

The roof shingles are both traditional and contemporary character and they can be used en masse to give clarity to an idea.

"The heritage significance of this dwelling is celebrated by the new work, which uses terracotta roof shingles en masse to reference the original building while providing a compelling new addition."
- Jury 2016 -