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Hawthorn Shingle House


Jane Riddell Architects


Building Renovations and Design


Boral Roofing

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Building Contractor:

Gary Stevanov , Boral Roofing

Photography Credits:

Tom Roe

The Hawthorn Shingle House is a simple single space addition to the rear of a Californian Bungalow on a South facing site.
The challenges of designing for a back garden with a southerly aspect necessitated a volume that presented a lower profile to the South but offered the opportunity to collect light via a highlight window to the North. The existing house with its gabled rooves also provided a context for the resultant extruded gable form of the addition. A cladding that would enable a seamless transition between roof and wall was required to further unify the form; the application of a roof shingle to both walls and roof provided us with the solution.

The shingle is an economical and effective cladding that also met the requirements of a covenant on the site; which stated that all buildings are to 'have a roof consisting wholly of slates or tiles and to have all external walls constructed wholly of brick'.
In this context the roof shingle cladding enabled the project to transcend the conventional brick veneer and Marseille tile typology of the area and to become a contemporary companion to its Californian Bungalow counterpart.

"'This small addition to a Californian bungalow references the gabled roof of the existing house, interpreting it in a sophisticated way to provide a contemporary yet gentle new form."
- Jury 2016 -