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Kew Angles


Paul Delany Architects


Brettell Developments


Bristile Roofing

Products Used:

Terracotta Roof Tiles, Planum Slate

Building Contractor:

Bristile Roofing

Photography Credits:

This Paul Delany Architects project in Kew, Victoria is the epitome of creative thinking and smart design. The project combines square angles and diagonal shapes to create sharp lines and a contemporary finish. A bright white wall at the front of the property extends at a diagonal angle and frames a large window to the main living room, which lets in natural light and provides a view for the occupants.

An aspect that makes this project unique, and which is seemingly a hallmark of Delany’s work, is the courtyard garden area toward the middle of the block. The courtyard acts as a sanctuary, but is also connected to the living areas in the house by the sliding doors that surround it.

Flat, contemporary Planum Roof Tiles from Bristile Roofing, in the colour ‘Slate,’ are used to create an understated, smooth roof line. Small metal roof sections are hidden by a parapet wall, while the tiled sections of the roof extend above the parapet to act as the roof feature.

This project is a creative design, topped off with a little help from Bristile Roofing’s ceramic roof tiles.