I am thinking of entering an award – what are the requirements for it to be an approved entry?
It depends on the category you enter the project into; you can find all the category briefs at the following link: for more information on requirements.

I haven’t received an email confirming that my entry was submitted successfully.
Please check your junk or spam folder of your email and if it is not there, please email so we can confirm the entry has been submitted successfully. We will also send you a copy of the Project Statement which confirms all the details.

When should I enter? 
It is advisable to enter as soon as possible. This leaves ample time for any troubleshooting and support that may be required before the deadline of Thursday 09 April 2020, 5pm EST. 

How to enter? 
All entries must be submitted online here. Only entries that are submitted in full and online through our website will be accepted by Thursday 09 April 2020, 5pm EST.

How much does it cost to enter? 
There is no cost involved in entering a project into the 2020 Think Brick Awards.

When must a nominated project have been completed?
A nominated project must have been completed since January 2018 and located in Australia or, if internationally located, built with Australian manufactured masonry products.

Can I enter the same project that was submitted last year? 
No, the same project that had been submitted last year cannot be resubmitted for 2020 Think Brick Awards, unless it is being entered into a different category.

Can I enter more than one award category?
Yes, you can enter the same project in multiple award categories as long as it meets the criteria for each award category.
However, a project can only be entered once into each award category. Please ensure your entry meets the criteria for the award category you are entering. 

Can 2019 high commendations enter this year's awards? 
Yes, 2019 high commendations are encouraged to enter a NEW project that has been completed in the past two years.

As a high commendation in the 2019 Awards, if your organisation enters the 2020 Awards, Think Brick Australia will pay for flights (one person return economy) and accommodation (if required) on the 13th August to attend the Awards in Melbourne.

Are the awards open to Architects only? 
Anyone can submit an entry on behalf of an architect, including members of the public, but the prize money (if won) will be awarded to the architect of the project. Submission of an entry implies consent of all members of the project team to enter this competition.

If you are not an architect but involved in the project, you will have the opportunity to showcase your involvement in an award winning project.

We accept entries from building designers for the Robin Dods Roof Tile Excellence Award category only.

Why does it take so long to upload high resolution images? 
It can take some time to upload high resolution images to the Awards website. We recommend you upload your high resolution images using a high speed internet connection. If you have difficulty sending high resolution images to the Awards website, please email

Why do we require high resolution images? 
All entries received will be printed in the Awards booklet and showcased visually at the Think Bricks Award night on a large screen. The printed booklet will showcase your project and be available at the Awards Gala Dinner.

What should I choose if I can’t find the manufacturer, collection or bricks used in the drop down menu under project details?
You can choose the word ‘Other’ in the Brick/Block/Paver/Roof Tile Manufacturer drop down menu (it is in alpha order so can be found by scrolling to ‘O’). 
Then ‘other’ will appear as an option in the next two sections (collection and bricks used section) – then you can specify all the details in ‘Please Specify’.

What information is required for the project statement?
You can include relevant background information about your project, a short summary to describe your project, where it is, the reason why the project was built, what the client was looking for, what bricks/pavers were used, and the team involved. The project statement should be around 100 – 250 words. We will include the project statement in the Think Brick Awards Booklet and on our websites.

When will the winners & high commendations be announced?
The winners & high commendations will only be announced at the gala awards dinner on 13 August 2020 at the Palladium in Crown Casino Melbourne.

How do I return to my draft entry?
Please check your e-mail for a link that will have been provided to you.